Bespoke Holden Grey Dual Coil Racing Distributor

Holden Grey six cylinder dual coil distributor development and final rig testing completed this week.  This distributor uses a 3 lobe points cam custom ground for Vintage Racing Developments by Clive Cams in Victoria.  An additional coil lead post resides in the distributor cap to communicate to the secondary circuit on the dual rotor button track.  This design uses 2 completely electrically independent circuits and two ignition coils, such that each coil only serves 3 engine cylinders and accordingly has very desirable dwell/charge soak behaviour for retention of spark energy at higher RPM.

The ultimate points-triggered battery/coil distributor for use in CAMS historic classes that must retain points triggering.  Dwell for each 3 cylinder circuit in this distributor is in the region of 56 degrees (compared to circa 38 degrees for a standard single point/single circuit/single coil/6 lobe cam six cylinder distributor).  Six cylinder analogue to 4 lobe cam L34 Torana dual coil distributor.

Holden Grey BOSCH Hybrid HEI Electronic Distributor

This distributor is a development that along with modified internals marries the top half of a BOSCH electronic HEI distributor with the lower half of an original cast iron BOSCH Holden Grey Motor points type distributor.  Uses original BOSCH control module (which is usually mounted on the integral "balcony" on the side of the electronic distributor housing) but is now remote mounted for use with the hybrid distributor.  Remote mounting is primarily for packaging reasons, but also has the advantage of removing the module from close proximity to direct engine heat and vibration.  Companion low resistance coil is used and distributor provides variable/active dwell control and high energy spark.

Allows use of 0.060" plug gaps and provides a fully functional true electronic bolt-on HEI system for Grey Holden engines.  Not to be confused with simply fitting an "electronic points" module to a standard distributor which maintains an essentially fixed dwell and points type coil.

Ignition package is for customer in NSW running Holden Grey engined nostalgia drag car.




Vintage Renault Powered Racing Boat

VRD carried out some engine modification work for the owner of this vintage Renault powered racing boat a little while back.  The boat and highly modified engine were built in Melbourne during the 1950s and at that time the builder had bespoke pistons cast for the engine.  The boat set various Australian Water Speed Records in period and the speed record for the 50 cubic inch class that this boat set in 1960 still stands!  The pistons have very large crown intruders and the current owner noticed during routine engine teardown that the edges of the piston intruders were showing evidence of picking up in the bores of the piston sleeves in the direction parallel to the piston pin.  VRD modified the piston intruders to relieve this area with minimal reduction to compression ratio and also measured and selectively matched various pistons and liners the owner had (this is a wet sleeve engine), before "Flexhoning" honing the liners ready for re-assembly.  VRD also manufactured a simple ring lapping tool to allow the owner to lap slightly thicker new piston rings he had obtained to suit the original ring groove widths.

Following the VRD piston modifications and careful engine re-assembly by the skilled current owner, the engine has since performed reliably at various vintage racing boat meetings throughout Australia.


Modified Holden Grey Distributors

Two more cast iron BOSCH Holden Grey engine distributors off to customers in Western Australia this week.  Both re-curved to suit customers' supplied engine specifications.  Single point unit has typical 6 cylinder 38 degrees dwell and dual point has 48 degrees dwell.  Both retain these dwell readings to beyond 7000 crankshaft RPM under rig test.  Both units have vacuum advance deleted and fixed breaker plate assemblies.